Day 341. 24 days and $27 left to go.

Now friends, I know that most of you are experiencing colder weather than I currently am right now, so apologies in advance for the halter that's coming today.  Not trying to rub it in at all because let me tell you, my sauna, ahem, apartment is not a fun spot to be in.  I'm pretty much sweating my face off in this 90 degree November weather :) Day 341 - Before

The fabric on this dress was DELICIOUS!! A gorge palette of purples and blues totally drew me in.  One big problem...

Lucy, we gots some stitchin to do!!

This tear in the back of the dress that had it completely open, falling off, and basically unwearable.  But, that's not going to stop me...

The first thing I did was pin the tear!!  Woo hoo, from open to closed, we're on the way to Awesometown!!

Pin it up!

My next fix was adjusting the length of the dress.

To the knees!

As much as I really liked it long, I thought that hiking it up would better suit my workday.  If it was going to be a day at the beach or agarden party under twinkle lights (clearly I've been reading way too much Real Simple/Martha Stewart Living as all I want to do is go/have one of these parties) then long it would have been.  But wait, I've got another trick up my sleeve that's going to pimp this dress out even more!

Prep for hemming!

You guys remember Day 210?? (Click 210 for a refresher on the post.)

Day 210

Not only was this the infamous day where I stitched through my finger and was the same dress that I was shot in for Los Angeles Magazine...

My September Issue :)

It was also the dress that fruited me this lovely accent...

Clown collar!!

Hmm, guess who's using that collar?!  That's right...I'm pinning that baby on!  Literally, I took safety pins and pinned this to the front of the dress.  I had fun placing the material exactly how I wanted it.  It was like a little art project!

Adding some business to the front!

With my new chestal flair, all I had left was some sewing machine fixes (the tear and the new hem)...

Back is sewed into place!

...and it was ready for the hot, hot heat!!

Day 341 - After

Around the noonish hour, we had to take a little work break to cool off from the stuffy office under the umbrellas across the street.  All I was craving was a frozen lemonade or a frothy pint of Blue Moon, but instead I just went to my stash of Gatorade which hit the spot.


I must say, that horrid accordion collar rocked it today!!  I loved my new tuxedo-esque section of my dress!!

ECU on the ruffle action!!

Sure beats the alternative...

Ruffle City USA!!

And the same for this one...even if Ryan Gosling is donning it.

My name is Ryan Gosling and I wear tuxedo t-shirts.

This is going to be my go-to ensemble if ever a tuxedo shirt needs to be worn.  You think it works for a black tie affair?  (Insert drum roll here...) I'm here all week friends, don't forget to tip your servers.