Day 340. 25 days and $28 left to go.

It's a bandana dress for Day 340!! Day 340 - Before

It's like someone dipped the skirt part of the dress in a little dye bath of the bandana shade.  Yikes!  Paired with that collar, it's reading too much polyester/70s right now and that has to get tweaked!

In my journey of taking the road furthest from Saturday Night Fever, first off on the to-do checklist?  The collar!!  Grabbed some seam rippers and began the trip.

The collar removal journey begins...

Got one completely off...

Close to being out of the 70s!

...and the other followed!!  It was just a little bit of John Travolta...

I'm Staying Alive...

...paired with Ron Burgundy...

"Scotch, scotch, scotch. I love scotch."

...and now it's no more of either!! Woo hoo!!

Woo hoo! No more 70s!

While the seam ripper was out during that transformation, these sleeves came off as well...

Sleeves off!

Before we're totally done, off came the length...

Bandana skirt is getting hiked up!

...and the neck was opened up just a smidge more.

Deepening the V!

To tighten up the body, which was definitely very loose, a little cinching and pinching came next!!


Not only did the neckline look more femme, it tightened it up as well!!  No other stitching to make it fitted, just the safety pins!!  The entire look?

Day 340 - After

Less themey/70s-gross and way more chic and current!!  If it were Halloween, maybe I could have gotten away with going as "Barri Gibb", but only if I could have gotten Jimmy Fallon to come with as the real Barry Gibb or JT as his bro Robin.

"Talkin' it up, on the Barry Gibb talk show. Talkin' bout chest hair, talkin' bout crazy cool medallions!"

Since that wasn't happening, I loved my new girly take on this piece.  Pretty neckline that goes nicely with platform wedges.


That's about as 70s as I'm getting today!!