Day 339. 26 days and $29 left to go.

It's MUUMUU time!!  I know you may have been missin' the muumuu as it's been a few weeks but guess what...the muumuu's back, just in time for E Day!! Day 339 - Before

Not only is it Election Day, but this muumuu was one of the pieces I chose to refashion specifically for a segment I did for E! News which aired last night!  (Woo hoo for E! and Ryan Seacrest!!) The clip is at the end of the post - I didn't want to ruin the surprise of the after shot :)  Since the show aired, I had to follow up in one of the ensembles...this one turned out super fun, plus it was like 85 degrees and I was sweating my face off!

My first step in bringing this from frump to fab...the sleeves!!  I took my seam ripper and began to remove the thread keeping those sleeves attached!

Seam rippin' sleeves!

My original plan was to take the sleeves off completely but then I started getting some ideas as I got closer to complete removal.

Detachable sleeves!

I loved that there was a minor bit of ruching at the shoulders, so I thought it would be cute to just trim around it and keep a little fluttery-capped sleeve!!

Almost done!!

After trimming the length and going for the mini as well as taking it in a smidge, my muumuu was ready, along with my boots, which were both made for walking and that's just what they'll do.  You know the rest...

Day 339 - After

I celebrated the first part of E Day at the polls...


...and spent the next part of it trying to take the perfect picture next to my E! segment.

Me on E!

Taking a photo in front of me holding the dress I'm wearing on TV?  Kind of bizarre, but awesomely cool.  I had a way better hair day when we shot that :)

In case you missed the segment, check it out here!!