Day 336. 29 days and $32 left to go.

It's day 6 of... Dye Week!!

Today’s number…

Day 336 - Before

Literally came across this green hoodie in my Halloween-ing hunt and thought it would be perfection for my costume idea.  Oh, and my costume plan of attack you may be asking?

Hit Girl!!

Hit Girl from the graphic novel/movie, Kick Ass. So, today's dye pick is PURPLE!!

To start off, I want to show you what I found at a local costume store...

Store version of Hit Girl!!

This is the $59.99 store version of this costume - just keep that in mind as we continue along because much of this is coming straight outta my closet!

First off, time to get crackin' on that dye job!!  And, PS, after a two day long marathon catch up of Jersey Shore..I know, I know, the guiltiest of guilty pleasures...I've been quoting Pauly D and his "t-shirt time/cabs are here/oh yeah" get up which I just had to include in the captions. Apologies in advance.

It's purple dye time!

After the dye and hoodie sat soaking, I rinsed, rung and put it in the dryer.

Oh yeah, it's dryer time!

I wanted to add a little more to the hoodie, so I added on letters of my Hit Girl character with a little help from some athletic tape!  I snagged the tape from my brother, but masking or electrical tape, ribbon either pinned or hot glued would work wonders.

A little help from some athletic tape!

Next up came my gloves.  She has long ones, but I opted to use some cheapy Target ones that I had in my drawer.  I got a handful last year for holiday gifts and decided to get chopping on these.  If you've got some rubber kitchen gloves, those'll work fab too, especially with a little dipping in dye or even a coat of a Sharpie marker!

It's glove trimming time!

I got my wig on, my purple plaid skirt (which was in my closet already - a Kimchi & Blue one from Urban that I picked up at Crossroads), a black cami, some fishnets (the amount of dance gear that I held onto...I always knew it would come in handy!), a garbage bag turned cape, an old pink belt that I Sharpied 'HG' onto, a soon to be worn mask (thanks to letting friends borrow gear!) and my black boots and we were ready for attack.

Oh yeah, it's cape cutting time!

Costume is complete!!  And it only cost a mere fraction of the store version.

Day 336 - After

I think we look good together!

Hit Girl here for action!

My fabulously decked gals (LP's yearly skeleton theme was rocking and if you're a True Blood fan, JA looked ridic - the Merlotte logo on the check presenter & an actual bottle of Gatorade masked as True Blood...brill!!) and I headed out for a little Halloweening/dance party in our get ups...

Halloween trio

I even found my Hit Girl twin!!

My Hit Girl twin!

My fave group costume of the night were these boys, partially because I'm Pulp Fiction obsessed and partially because I've totally used Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace character as a costume in years past.

Fave group costume of the evening...

I was however, never lucky enough to run into them when I was in costume though.  We danced to Snoop mixed with Lady Gaga (surprised not to see any of them at the party) mixed with Journey all night long.

My birthday gal MK was channeling her inner Harry Potter and had some super cute HP glasses that I think someone dressed as Macgruber snagged from her.

My cute lil Harry Potter!

I'd literally dress in costume all the time...if only Halloween fell more than once a year and if people wouldn't look at me funny.

And scene...

There's still another day of fun to come!!  I got the real Halloween partying out of my system and tomorrow I can be a little more laid back :)  A new costume will be had though...just wait!

"So, you wanna play?"

And, I'm totally avail for the sequel if you need a big sis to Hit Girl...

"So, you wanna play?"

Day 6 of OMG Dye Week down…1 more to go!!!