Day 335. 30 days and $33 left to go.

It’s Day 5 of… Dye Week!!

Today’s number…

Day 335

A little cotinuation of yesterday's Seinfeld-esque puffy shirt action. Today’s pick?? CHERRY RED!!

The main issue with this dollar top was that there were light spots on the ruffles.  It looked like someone spilled their Starbucks chai latte on the front of it and got out most of it but still had a subtle tan shade remaining.  It needed a little TLC - the lingering marks are going to get hidden very soon though!

Cherry red was the pick because of my costume today!!  A coworker was dressing up like a hot dog, so I got handed the ketchup role.  I grabbed my blouse and my dye and got crackin' on the stove top.


Since this was a pure cotton top, I knew the dye was going to look pretty close to that color on the bottle.  After letting it soak for about two hours, I drained, washed, rung, and dried the piece in preparation for Halloween day at work.

I thought it would be fun to break this costume down into another smaller/easier/super fun one too.

Day 335 - After

Getting inspired by a pic I found in the blogosphere (came from this flickr account) I thought a cute sub-costume would channel my inner "heroes in a half shell" and rock some nails to go with my red shirt and green 'shell'/hoodie that I was wearing first thing this am.


Here's an even better shot...

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

After rocking my Raphael/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the am, I changed, er, took off my hoodie, and got ready to rock the Heinz.

AB rocked the hot dog, AR rocked the French's mustard and I took on the role of the other condiment.

Oscar Mayer's BFFs

Let me just say that my bottle top/hat may or may not have hung out on my head outside the little costume hour we had....

Heinz cap!

And nothing says BBQ more than a little kick line, right?  Let Halloween weekend continue!!!

Radio City in the courtyard!!

Day 5 of OMG Dye Week down…2 more to go!!!