Day 337. 28 days and $31 left to go.

It’s day 7 of… Dye Week!

Today’s number…

Day 337 - Before

Up close and personal on this puppy has these lovely marks...

Highlighter Central!!

Someone got frisky with their BIC highlighter but that wasn't going to stop me, especially with those fabu sequined cuffs and neckline!  Ooh, and today, we're not just going to dye.  We're going to tie dye!!  Today's pick? GOLDEN YELLOW!!

Being that it's Halloween, this will ultimately turn into a costume...more of an interpretation, but you'll see.  First thing to do was wrangle up some rubber bands!!

Bag O'Bands!!

And by some, I mean 1000!  I began my twisting and banding in a very basic tie dye fashion.  No fancy designs or patterns - I began grabbing fabric and then adding rubber bands, that's all :)

Rubber Banded!

After it was all rubber banded up, I balled it together and added more bands to keep it round.

All balled up!

Then came the bath of RIT's Golden Yellow dye.  It sat on one side...

Dye time!

...and was then flipped on the other.

Bath of yellow dye...

After a little bit of soakage, the balled up tunic got rinsed out and the bands began to come off!

A golden ray of sun...

Post-dye, this is what we're lookin' like!!


Paired with some jeans and a basket of candy, my ensemble was ready for the holiday!!

Day 337 - After

Now I had a little morning brunch/cooking club gathering planned with the gals...

Witches Brew

...and in the breakfast theme, my costume was scrambled eggs!!  I mean the dye gave off a very egg white/yolk-y vibe so it's my interpretation of the delicious breakfast I hold my namesake in the form of a frittata below :)

Me & my costume!

The food was delish and the table was spookily set complete with spiders which ended up in my hair...on purpose, as they made killer looking clips!

Sparkly Spiders!

Hope everyone had a fun and candy filled Halloween weekend!  I've already had my fill of mini Kit Kats and these ridiculously yummy mini Milky Ways in the 'midnight' variety.  That was before the trick-or-treaters stopped by and let's just say that after 12 or so I'm left with about the same amount that I started with.  Candy soup for lunch?  Sign me up!

Happy Halloween!!