Day 334. 31 days and $34 left to go.

It’s Day 4 of... Dye Week!!

Today’s number…

Day 334 - Before

Kinda "Send in the Clowns" mixed with Seinfeld's Puffy Shirt...

"You could be the first pirate comedian." what we're working with today!! Today’s pick?? TEAL!!

After scoping out the colors to use, my eyes and fingertips were inching towards a color very close to me in my childhood...TEAL.  Yes, there were two major ways that teal touched my life.

1. Teal room.  It also had some peach (comforter) and white (formica furniture) accents, of course.  1984-2009.  (That room didn't change at all even during college.  Said a little goodbye last year when my parents moved from that house and came out west close to me)

2. Teal sweatshirt.  The color that I needed my fleece material to be for the sweatshirt I had to make in home ec., 8th grade. 1993.

So, you can see how I went this way.  It was like I was using a Ouija board and subconsciously (or purposefully...whatevs) spelled out teal.

Teal...brings back some memories

I went to the washing machine for this one, as I wasn't going to have as much time...

    In the washer it goes!! the color flowin' and then added the lacy blouse!  My favorite pieces to dye are the ones with fab accents and in this case I was very excited to see how the lace was going to look post spin.

I took my blouse from the machine and gave it a little nip/tuck...

Christian Troy. Best plastic surgeon on TV - he knows how to use a needle!

oh, if I had my own Julian McMahon to work on this procedure - he's so good with needles :)  I took in the sleeves about an inch as well as the body of the blouse...

And we take it to the sewing machine... get it ready to wear!  I paired this with a velour skirt that was a cornucopia of browns, blues and pinks with my wedges (it's back to 80 degrees!) and pretended that it really felt like fall out.

Day 334 - After

Office pumpkins from Trader Joe's (if only we got some of that pumpkin pancake/waffle mix to accompany) became my first prop of the day.  The lace on the sleeves of this shirt came out awesome-ly.  It was more of a deep turquoise shade and it became the focal point of the piece which I was obsessed with!

Prop two came from our awesome neighbors' balcony.  Love the hanging skeleton that literally made me jump twice today when I forgot it wasn't real.  We kept waiting for Skeletor to turn our way but he was being fussy.

Floating skelly!

We took close to 25 pics trying to get the perfect shot with him in the background and finally nailed it on try 26!!  Woo hoo!

There he is!!

Is it wrong that I don't want him to leave after Halloween??  PS, there's going to be lots of costuming over the next few days...just throwing it out there!