Day 333. 32 days and $35 left to go.

It’s Day 3 of… Dye Week!!

Today’s number…

Day 333 - Before

And 80s dress of epic proportions!! Today’s pick??  EVENING BLUE!!

I grabbed my dye choice and my dress and went to the washing machine.

Evening Blue!!

I loaded the color in first and then dropped in my dress.

Evening Blue!!

It really is interesting to see how the dye takes to each piece because the color of the bath above didn't look anything like what the piece ended up looking like.  It was a very subtle blue (borderline grey-ish) shade which I ended up loving!!  (You can see how the blue took to the lining though - came out more along the lines of the bath color.)

Trim that bottom!!

I wasn't wearing that dress like the gals of Designing Women would have...

Hello girls! I took my scissors and cut the puppy in half.  The top half is what I'm going with and this leftover material will find a place somewhere else very soon.

My leftovers!

The finished, dyelicious product??

Day 333 - After

The back of the dress had buttons from the neckline to the the waist which was too hidden and amazing!!  Because the material was so luxe looking (I just closed my eyes and dreamed that I was wearing Chloe) I thought that turning the piece around and making it into a blousey-cover up would be just it.  I paired it with my striped trousers, a grey tank underneath and some vintage beads/belt to complete the ensemble.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

I think the next time I wear this I'll try it with no tank underneath, sub out some skinny jeans instead of the wide legged trousers, and perhaps throw with these droolicious Giuseppe Zanotti's...

Aah...Giuseppe :)

or these Loeffler Randall's...

I mean...

Clearly I've been spending some time on Barneys site checking out booties :)  Just drooling action happening while my pieces work it out in the washing machine.  Bringing Cooking Light or Everyday Food with me next time.  Let me get excited over tangible stuff :)

Day 3 of OMG Dye Week down…4 more to go!!!