Day 332. 33 days and $36 left to go.

It's Day 2 of... Dye Week!!

Today’s number…

Day 332 - Before

There were some not so cute stains on this yellow jumper that will get taken care of stat, so today's pick??  DARK BROWN!!

There were lots of rust marks all over this yellow piece...

Rust marks here!

What I deducted through my investigative skills...metal buttons!!  They were the culprit as there were lots of brown spots near the buttons and in other scattered areas.

And more marks here!

I loved the shape to the dress, so I just wanted to solely work on the shade.  I went with Dark Brown to hide/cover/take down those spots!

To the stove we go...

Dippin in!

After adding salt and boiling water I added in dye to the stove top pot (which YES, is just used for my cooking pasta in this bad boy) and threw in the dress.

Chocolate Brown!!

The finished, dyelicious product??

Day 332 - After

Some tights that I totally forgot about in my stash with a cardigan to keep warm during this windy Los Angeles night (65 mph i n some areas!!) made up this outfit.

Birthday party was on the agenda for JOC at Ye Rustic...

October Birithdays!!

...full of cheap beer and karaoke.

Groove is in the Heart, Renegade, & Danny's Boy?  Yep, heard em all...

And honestly, what's better than a bar that gets all decked out for the Halloween holidays??  (The caution tape in the After shot...not part of the costumey decor.

Yep, those are green hanging skeleton lights!

Hung with the girls...

Catch up time!

...and then got down to business air drumming with masters NB and MM.  I'm still in 'practice' mode alongside these way more proficient rockers.

Drum Time!

I'm close though - intermediate drum class is on the way...

Day 2 of OMG Dye Week down…5 more to go!!!