Day 331. 34 days and $37 left to go.

Theme week returns!!! Drum roll please... Welcome to "OMG, Dye Week!!"

Dye Week!!

This week we're going to be creating some fab pieces with the help of RIT Dye!! (Check out the awesome designer spotlight they gave me this month - woo hoo for RIT!)

Today's number...

Day 331 - Before

Sheer and lacy, just waiting to be given a fresh coat of color!!  Today's pick?  VIOLET!!

To celebrate OMG, Dye Week, I prepared a little video tutorial that walks you through my dye process from Day 1!  Check it out... My pot of violet dye in action!!

Stovetop Dye Fest!!

The finished, dyelicious product??

Day 331 - After

Such a pretty shade of purple!  I paired my new violet dress with black opaque tights, a stretchy black bandeau top (which I put on top of my bra) and a black ribbon sash to tighten up the waist.  This dress fit well in the beginning so the only adjustment that was needed was the color.  Such a departure from the nearly sheer white dress that I began with, right?  I loved that the pearl buttons absorbed the dye too...such a treat to get surprised!


I got to spend my night with some friends grabbing Indian food at Electric Karma (mmm naan!!).  Clearly I had to take a pic with the hookah as it just sat by the host stand waiting to be posed with.

Day 1 of OMG Dye Week down...6 more to go!!!