Day 328. 37 days and $40 left to go.

It's electric!!  I'm talking about the blue as opposed to the slide today. Day 328 - Before

The pairing of lace and a pleated bottom really got me too.  As soon as I grabbed one of those lace sleeves from a pile of vintage goods I knew it had to be mine!

There was something that also came along with this piece...

Out out damn'd spot!! annoying spot smack dab on the front of the dress.  Unfortunately even after washing it didn't come out, however it did assist in making a decision of what I was going to do with it.  Go short!!!

I literally cut the dress in half right above where the spot was.

Cut, cut damn'd spot!

I solved the biggest problem right off the bat.  Speaking of bat, my Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers tonight in the final game of the ALCS (American League Championship Series). Single tear to my team but well played to Texas!  OK, back to the dress!

I was pretty much obsessed with the lace top but thought it wasn't making a big enough impact.  I decided to take out the lining, and go with straight on sheer lace!  I'll just snag a cami or tank to wear underneath when it's done so A, I'm not flashing the world and B, the lace will pop more.

Later lining!!

There were three panels of lining that had to be removed - with my scissors and my bare hands for tearing, the first side panel was free and clear.  Just look how cool the lace looks just sitting on the carpet!

Not you see it, now you don't!

After a little bit of snipping and ripping (the excess sits below...), my lace top was free and clear of all lining!!  It looks like a completely different piece now!

Lining leftovers!!

With a navy tank top, a navy ribbon to use as a belt (and to tighten as much as could be tightened around the waist), I added some jeans and flats and had my top for the day!

Day 328 - After

I have to say how much I love the way this came out - it gives it a fun/funky look to something that was straight 60s in the beginning.  Check it from behind...

From the back!!

This is one top that I was excited to wear on 'Casual Friday' - even though it included wearing more than just my Hanes T and Havaianas!

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends :)