Day 329. 36 days and $39 left to go.

So, on my Saturday night agenda is some Shakira concerting action with the gals!!  In true fashion to being able to really get down I wanted something fun to shake in!! So, I went with this dress!

Day 329 - Before

Slightly Tinkerbelly and a little too much costumey if you ask me.  Also, each panel of fabric has different lengths as well which I'm not into.  Too fairy dusty feeling :) And, PS, how do you even wear this properly without leggings or tights underneath?  It's cut time!!

I began by cutting each panel straight across at the same length.  The four pink and four grey skirt panels were on their way to being the same length!!

Cutting to make one length!

After I trimmed the edges I got to finishing them off on my sewing machine.

Stitching the edges!

Now, there are some belt holes that are still visible, so I had a fun idea to use some of the excess fabric and make it into a belt.

I cut some of the pink and grey material into strips...

Fabric Strips!!

...and thought it would be fun to braid it into a belt!  It totally ties in to the flowy/drapey/slight Grecian look for the new top!


It literally made me reminisce of French braiding hair back in 3rd grade!!

Ahh, brings back memories!

Now that my belt was all done, I paired it with my new top, some skinny jeans and my vintage boots and left with the gals for the show!!

Day 329 - After

(ooh, and a close up on the belt...)

New belt!!

The back was just as fun as the front too!!

From the back!!

We parked, grabbed a quick dinner and headed over to Staples for the show!!


It was ridiculously crowded...

Ridiculous crowd!

...and the crowd went wild when the lady of the hour came out on stage!!

Whenever, wherever

Her costumes were the best, from gypsy skirts and gold tops to amazing shiny black pants and nude wraparound bra tops.  We had fun dancing...

Team Hip Shakers!

...and by dancing, I mean we were shimmying our little faces off, especially when Shak came back for her encore.  I recorded a little snippet for you guys - apologies for the minor shaking as I was still trying to get my groove on at the same time!

She finished off the show with lights and confetti...

Confetti'd finale!

...and once it was over, we just couldn't stop dancing.  We shook through the halls of Staples walking out and clearly had to take it to the streets!!

Hippie Hippie Shake!

A most ridiculously fun Saturday night of dancing.  PS, dance class sign up begins Monday :)  Who's in?