Day 327. 38 days and $41 left to go.

Do we need any explanation to why I'm loving this?! Day 327 - Before

That's the most fun/fah-bulous sash of sorts that I've ever seen!

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper!

I can definitely tell you that this is going to look very different in a few....

First off, I cut the length to bring this from dress status to top status.

Trim that skirt!

I began pinning down both the slip layer as well as the top grey layer to get ready to give it a new hem.

New bottom!

Out came the sewing machine and we're off to New Hem City!!

Stitching my hem!

Now this dress is part of the Ursula of Switzerland collection which specializes in dresses for those most special occasions...mother of the bride gear as well as evening dresses for petites.  I'm not going to a wedding at all or even watching Father of the Bride today however the new top will look just as fab going to the office instead.  Clipping out the tag is nesecito...

Ursula of Switzerland!!

...because this is another top that's going to be worn a la the stylings of Kris Kross.

"the daddy mack'll make you"

BACKWARDS!!!  But, I promise you that it won't look as ridiculous...I do have to say that I'm happy the wearing jeans backwards thing never really hit.  The back of the dress looked like this - I loved the pearl closures and thing that leaving it open will make an awesome new front.

Pearl clasps!!

Adding some jeans, a white cami and flats, I had a fab new top and made that sash work by wrapping it around my neck.

Day 327 - After

And the back...

From behind!!

The long drapey fabric give you lots of options on how to wear it.  You can also wear it this way...

This way!!

Or that way...

That Way!!

(Um, this totally reminds me of one of my FAVE SNL sketches with Scarlett Johansson...the accent, the dress, the pose...)

I mean, the back was totally like a wedding dress train that just didn't hit the ground...


I wonder if Monique Lhullier or Vera Wang have this on their wedding dress radar?  I'm thinking the short train may not make it to the runways because what's a maid of honor to carry/fluff?  The one wedding-esque aspect that stayed on this dress were the pearly sleeves.  I was thinking about going short, but I just couldn't bring my hands to grab the scissors...


Does this count as something old or something borrowed since technically this used to be someone else's?  :)