Day 326. 39 days and $42 left to go.

Hello shiny purple dress with some sort of drapey sash hanging off the collar and attached down the middle, how are you?!  I can't tell if you were some sort of graduation dress or a wedding outfit?  Either way, I can't leave this dress looking as is! Day 326 - Before

There's also a dark black spot too...

Oil Slick!

...which will be easily taken care of!


I used my seam ripper to begin the removal process of that sash.  My plan is to remove it then stitch it back up to make it more blouse-y.

Continuing with the stitch removal!

I ended up taking out stitches from the top of the dress-y deal, all the way to the bottom to get rid of that big sash of fabric - the whole front ended up being open, so I decided to make a last minute decision to use this as a jacket of sorts instead of a top.

I cut the piece in half to get rid of that black spot and trimmed it so the bottom would hit at my hips, because hips don't lie says Shakira.

Bye dark spot!

Now that the bit of fabric was gone from the front, I began to pin down all the edges and prep for sewing.

Pin time!

My jacket was getting there...I got my sewing machine threaded and got to work.

Clean edges!!

Because it was another day of rain, I allowed myself to go with a black leggings/black knee high weatherproof boot look today.  Just paired with a big vintage necklace and a tank underneath, the jacket was an easy rainy day outfit.  Secretly pretty warm too, however I did end up wearing my green hoodie on top just for a little extra bit of warm.  (PS, it looks way shinier than in actuality...)

Day 326 - After

...but that doesn't take away the fact that it totally feels like I could be one of these guys... (Halloween costume much?!)

Beam me up Scotty!

...which is totally cool because those patches are pretty fabulous.