Day 323. 42 days and $45 left to go.

I had to pack for NY's fall temperatures, so I went with this dress because right away I envisioned tights and boots to go along with. Day 323 - Before

The ivory and mauve colors are right up my fall palette as they're going to rock with a blend of chocolate brown and tan...yeah, I pre-planned this outfit as the sewing machine was not going to make this 3000 mile journey!

First off was adjusting the collar/neck business that was going on...the mauve floral material was taking up my whole chestal area, so I wanted to break it up a little bit.

Neck Trim!

I snipped down the center to go with a V neck - folded down each side and pinned it in place to have ready to sew uno momento!

I then cut the length in half to make this hit my knees.  I didn't like the extra pink ruffle at the bottom - too matronly and that was not going to cut it in NY.  Yes, that cut pun was meant to be put there :)  I cut and prepped for hemming.

I'm gettin' low!!

I sewed the bottom of my new dress along with my neck to get the newly altered areas looking like gold.

Get 'er done!

Now the top of the dress was still a little big, but I thought I'd try just using those sashes that were attached to cinch it up.  I pulled them as tight as they would go and made a bow in the back.

Paired with my textured chocolate tights, my flat boots, and my soon to be worn tan jacket, my ensemble was totally ready for fall in NY.

Day 323 - After

After spending the morning working/prepping/catching up on sleep post-red eye, I took the afternoon to hang out in the city.

Went to Bryant Park, grabbed a little table and a coffee from Tom Colicchio's fabu 'wichcraft, set up shop with my computer, and people watched for a bit.  After my play date at the park, I got back on the saddle and continued my trek.

Coffee & Free Wi-Fi...heart BP

Now,  little side note...key to my heart includes a MTV Cribs' style closet like Mariah Carey's...

"Cause baby we belong together"

as well as this...

M&J Trimmings!!!

Can I move in M&J Trimming?  Lace, sequins, and beaded trim, oh my!  Had to just peek inside for a little bit before I grabbed a sandwich (hello Boar's Head Cracked Pepper Turkey and Pink Lemonade Snapple to accompany) at a deli and walked through Times Square on my way back to the hotel.  Clearly I had to take my oblig tourist shot...

Times Square tourist shot!

...and to feel the energy and smell the mix of roasted chestnuts and garbage.  How I love the city!

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

Got back to the hotel with my rations and vegged out while watching the Jets game.  I tried to set the timer on my camera and I accidentally shot myself which turned out cooler than if the timer actually worked.

And in for the night...

Good night friends!  I'm hitting the hay early to get some sleep of the beauty kind for my CBS Early Show appearance in the am! You'll get the full rundown tomorrow :)