Day 322. 43 days and $46 left to go.

So my before picture is a little less traditional today...I'm not actually in it as I snagged it from my box of tees.  Now, part of my birthday weekend included tickets to some footballing at the LA Coliseum with a game featuring my USC Trojans versus the Cal Bears.  In figuring out what I was going to wear and only having a small bit of time to complete (birthday drinks wore me out...) I decided to go with one of those oldie Ts that I held onto but was really still too big to actually wear outside the gym. Day 322 - Before

I think it was one of those freebie Nike shirts I got back in the day from signing up for a USC credit card of it's going to be a little embellishment on my spirited ensemble.

Good thing about this outfit is that it isn't costing me a cent!!  I wanted to focus on the SC on the shirt - I'm planning on adding that to something already in my closet.  I took my awesome pair of scissors and began to trim around the letters.

Trimming around the logo!

Being a perfectionist, I had to get up super close to trim right at the edge of the letters.

Trim City USA!

When I was done, I was left with a chic and trimmed S & C.

All trimmed!!

I took this cotton/T-shirt/soon-to-be patch and began to safety pin it into one of my favorite pieces in my sequined vest!!

Day 322 - After

The vest was in team colors, so the letters were just an extra bit of 'SC pride!!  There was a sea of crimson and gold scattered with some blues and golds from the Cal fans, but my favorite person on campus was this gal.

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen!?

She was on fire getting fans excited about the game.  She was committed to the cause and kept on making that victory sign even though I heard her tell her mom that her little arm hurt.

We ended up smoking Cal and came through victoriously.

Team spirit in cardinal & gold!

I cheered with my new BFF Dominick as we were both stoked with the win.

Again with the cuteness...

Before going home, a trip to Chick-Fil-A was made (you can't not go to CFA when you're so close and it's one of like three in the Los Angeles area!!) which was the cherry on my birthday weekend Saturday.

Now, birthday weekend isn't over just quite yet... The blog is going up a little later today because I just spent a good six hours on a plane heading to NY.  I'm currently typing this from my room at the Le Parker Meridien (in my bed, straight up Carrie Bradshawing right now) getting ready for an appearance tomorrow morning on CBS' The Early Show!!  Not sure when the live segment will air during the 7-9 time frame, but keep your eyes peeled or set your DVRs to record :)  This is a fab bday present if you ask me!!