Day 324. 41 days and $44 left to go.

It's CBS' The Early Show day and it did take me a bit to figure out what the perfect dress was going to be to wear for the segment!!  After trying to avoid whites, reds, blacks, and patterns, my pick was the below. Day 324 - After

Hello 80s!  It's been awhile since I've visited.  So glad to see you again in such green/crinkled/rhinestoned flower form!!

To get camera ready, there were a handful of things to tweak!!

First, that rhinestoned floral applique...gone!!  I love it, but not just hanging out on the corner of the dress.  Perhaps I'll turn it into a barrette or add to a headband, but right now, I'm not digging.

I took my seam ripper and began taking it apart from the dress.

Now that it was removed...


...I had to tackle the length.  Because it had an asymmetrical length, I didn't like that the bottom ruffled layer hit me at my ankles.  Bad place to accentuate.  Bad!!  I lifted the layer about the bottom one and prepped for cutting it off!

Last layer is a goner!!

Scissors came out and snipped away.

 And it's off!!

Snipping continued to the sleeves.  The long sleeves were not pleasing me, so I cut them to my elbows.

Short sleeved!!

I also decided to turn the dress around and wear it from behind because there was a lovely V-shape that it made right where the zipper ended.  I didn't know what I wanted to do to the front, so I just thought turning the dress around would make my decision easier.

To avoid any minor on-camera faux pas', I unstitched the tag from the back/new-front of the dress before stitching the sleeves.

Tag is almost gone too!

I woke up bright and early, put myself together (added a belt and some heels), and flashed a pre-photo in the full length mirror in my room...

Almost showtime!

...before taking another in the hallway before getting shuttled to the studio!

Day 324 - After (in the hotel hallway)

I arrived, got all made up and coiffed, and hit set to see all my dresses looking gorge on mannequins!!

Day 324 - After

They looked so fab freshly steamed and hanging oh, so, nicely!  It looked like a little boutique!!

More dresses!!

Right before the segment, lovely Erica Hill and I shot a quick pic before going live!

Me & Erica!

Just in case you missed the you go!! It was a blast and such a pleasure to meet the awesome staff at CBS' The Early Show.  (Click here for the article that posted after the segment!!) After taping was complete, I had two very important stops on the agenda.

One: Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin D's!!!

Two: Central Park.

Le Sigh

I brought my coffee and people watched for a bit...lots of kids in strollers, shopping bags from Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as groups of tourists taking photos.  Speaking of...

Fall in NY...

After vegging in the park and enjoying the lovely morning, I went back to the hotel and packed up my stuff to head back, back to Cali, Cali.

Oh NY...