Day 321. 44 days and $46 left to go.

As today was my 31st birthday, I had to figure out a fun party dress to celebrate in!  Pretty in pink? Day 320 - Before

Well not right this second, because of these pipe cleaners that are sewed to the dress.

Yep, those would be pipe cleaners!

...but it'll get there!

So the person who thought that stitching pipe cleaners to a dress was a good idea, will you please stand up?  This was like art class from 3rd grade attacking an awesomly hot pink colored dress. Pipe cleaners are not meant to be sewn to clothing, so clearly I had to begin to remove.

Unstitching the pipe cleaners!

I have to say, I did get pricked a few times on the pipe cleaners...but they all got taken off!

One cleaner to go!

I can garnish a Christmas tree with this stuff!!

They're off!

With my freshly cleaned top...

Cleaned up!

...I moved onto the length and cut it short.

Cut it short!

I pressed down the edges to prep for a new hem.

Steam it out!

Before I start sewing, I ended up cutting little strips of fabric off of the excess leftover.

Cutting off a little bit of excess...

I got inspiration here to add a little more flair to the dress - little rosette accents, here we come!!  I began by twisting the fabric...

Twist and shout!

...and then rolling them into little rosettes.  I didn't hot glue them but used some thread and hand stitched them together.

Mini flowers!

I got on a good routine and cranked out a few of these dainty rosettes to add to my party dress.  (I ended up just safety pinning them down which you'll see shortly...)

Rosette time!

But, the final adjustment was the neck.  I wanted it to be a little more open, so a slit down the front was the next step.


I pinned the neck down and stitched it up along with hemming the bottom of the dress.  I took it in a few inches on each side just to give it a little more shape too.

Sew it down!

Party dress complete!  Paired with black tights and boots, I was off to my fave dive bar around the corner from me...

Day 320 - After

Got a pic to commemorate the first drink of the night as well!!

Stella!!! (and a close up of the rosettes!)

My lovely fam brought the goods...

Marshmallow frosted pineapple filled!? they know my love of icing!!  Clearly and I went to town on this!

Heart the fam!

My Jets fave Mark Sanchez was right behind me on the football banner that ran across the banquettes...

Marky Mark!

...and then he was in my hands!  Love my friends who gave him to me as a card :)

Me, LG & MS

It's also not a party unless you get a little lift from TJ...

Feet are currently off of the floor!

As we were all leaving, JMT and I did an impromptu dance on the street as Hall & Oates was blaring from the jukebox ("Kiss On My Lips"), walking to the car.  Somehow we began dancing like Kristin Wiig does in her "Gilly" sketch on Saturday Night Live.

We're Gilly...Sorry!

Best way to shut down the evening!! Bring it 31!! Woo hoo!!

PS...thanks for all of the birthday love :)  Each and every comment brought the biggest smile to my face, you have no idea!