Day 320. 45 days and $47 left to go.

It's a light denim shirt day, y'all!!  I know I took a country-western wedding dress and redid it just a few days ago (Day 318) and I'm going to work with this light denim, seemingly a lil' bit country, overly accented (for my tastes) shirt which was in a little need of some de-flaring. Day 320 - Before

It'll get there and look just like a few mainstream pieces that can be found window-shopping at the mall soon enough...

I liked the fabric accents on the chest, but the same ones that were found on the collar were just not making me happy.  I decided to get rid of them and began unstitching them from the collar.

Take off that extra collar flare!!

They were like little fabric tapeworms because as I was removing them from the collar, they just seemed to keep on going and going and going...

Woo, almost gone!

Once the last bit of my fabric tapeworms were gone I was left with a blank slate collar.  To me, that made all the difference in looking current and looking cutesy.

Clean collars!!

The sleeves were a bit baggy and instead of taking them in the entire length, I cut them in half.  I'm going to be doing some more rolling of the sleeves, but first I had to take in the rest of the shirt.

Cut those sleeves short!

I put it on, measured how much I wanted to bring it in and did a fast new seam.  However the first time proved to still be a bit too big for my tastes, so I gave it another go to bring it in a smidge more.

Brought it in once...doing it again!

I then rolled the sleeves up a bit more and had my new light denim shirt ready to wear.

Day 320 - After

I thought that mine and this cute little store called Urban Outfitters were on the same snap buttoned wavelength when I saw their version that's out in stores now.

Urban's $58 version

I rolled up the sleeves a bit more (and decided to actually use the buttons on mine) on my newly shortened denim shirt which was just the thing as I would have sweat straight through if there was any more denim near the pits.

Close-ish up detail!

On the lighter denim front, I also heart Gap's button down tunic...

Gap's $58.50 version

...and J Crew's stonewashed chambray.

J Crew's $98 version

I saved a chunk of change on my denim shirt...

My cheap denim shirt!

...but I love all the options that are avail out there be it a mall trip (Gap/J Crew paired with a trip to the food court for an Orange Julius is pretty rad!!), a trip to Urban (because you can't just get a denim shirt without snagging a mustache snow globe or a Jerz Shore"Situation" bobble head on your way out) or scouring through garage sales/your mother's closet (I think my mom had a great light blue denim number in the 80s that may or may not have been held onto...) 31st birthday is tomorrow (!!) and on the receipt from my dinner at Baja Fresh (birthday eve burrito!!) my order number came up as 15 which was a total sign as it's my birth date.


I'm all about signs...while I was waiting, there was a trailer on the jumbo-screen in the courtyard for Due Date which is totally another Zack Galifianakis/baby-esque themed buddy-film but clearly about kids getting born, aka birthdays.

Due Date!!

And finally on my way home I drove back my non-usual way, because of certain no-turn restrictions, and the light I was stopped at had a Baskin Robbins, 31 Flavors at the corner.  Um, 31, the age I shall be in T minus now?!?

How many flavors?!?

OK, OK, maybe a little overboard or maybe reaching just a little...  Either way, the trifecta of bday signs has me very, very excited to partake in some celebrating!!