Day 319. 46 days and $48 left to go.

Since it feels like August, I decided to let the bright colors roll!!  I've been holding onto this for a lil' bit and finally thought it was  time to give it a little Vitamin D and let it out in the sun.  October, schmocktober!  It's summer in my mind, so tangerine orange is the pick for the day. Day 319 - Before

Oh, and that slit down the center of the dress...yeah, it's not meant to be there.

Somehow this dress was torn and/or ripped in some capacity by its former owner or in transit before it ended up in my hands.  I mean this tear was severe, but it didn't stop me from seeing the beautivity, yes beautivity, in it.  Love this orange color, but wasn't sure how harsh it would be on my fair skin.  Melons and peaches are my jam, but this was bright!!  I lurved the purple/gold/green paisley-but-not-paisley-esque fabric though which was the main sell.

First thing on the agenda...SEW THAT RIP!!!  (I totally feel like I'm watching Extreme Home Makeover and subbing out "MOVE THAT BUS" for my version.)

It's not two pieces anymore!!

Once the rip was sewn, I got to the top of the dress and began more work.  I didn't like the neckline so that was my first plan of attack.  Took the scissors, did a little snipping...

Getting rid of that strap!

...and boom!  New neckline is on the way!!!

No more triangle!

I used my seam ripper to open up the top a bit and unstitched about an inch of fabric.  I loved that the seam fell straight down the center, as it made it easier to open.  Once I got it to the perfect point, I folded under each side...

Seam ripping just a little bit of that neckline!

...and sewed down the new neckline.  Let me just add, somehow I had the most perfectly matching orange thread thanks to a fab sewing kit I snagged at the 99 Cent store!  The best buy for just a little bit of thread in all the colors of the rainbow.

Back to the Machine!

I took it in just a smidge as well to make it a little more fitted up top.

I thought I was golden until I put the dress on...the problem was the golden note.  I just felt too gold and a little too I Dream of Jeannie, which was stemming from that gold rhinestoned/ribbon waist accent.  While wearing it, I grabbed my seam ripper and began to remove.

Last minute fix...literally

When it was off, I grabbed a brown woven belt to wear instead which totally changed everything.  No more Barbara Eden (even though she makes a fab genie) and it went from meh to mah-velous!!

Day 319 - After

I got to hang with some of my favorite people to celebrate the second season of our girl, SPR's show, The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.

We took timer shots on my little Fuji cam and somehow all managed to not blink and look pretty fab.

Viewing Par-tay!!

The lady of the hour and I took some flowers from her congratulatory bouquet and even though we were not going to San Francisco, we put them in our hair.

Chef and Sous Chef!

Ooh, and the piece de résistance (aside from the "skinny chimichangas" which were slap in the face ridiculous) was the below.

My kind of toffee...

Toffee.  But not just any toffee.  This one had a potato chip crust, some pretzels, with the toffee topped off with caramel popcorn.  Now this was actually served over a beer sorbet (no joke and it was deee-lish!!) but I proceeded to steal bites after my sorbet was consumed.