Day 316. 49 days and $51 left to go.

It's Sundress, Sunday!!  Summer weather has returned and it's going to be flip flops/big sunglasses/sunflowered dress below kinda day... Day 316 - Before

It totally was reminiscent of something Phoebe Buffay would have worn on Friends back when it started in 1994.

"A stripper at a bachelor party, that is so cliché. Why don't you get a magician?!"

We're going to take this away from the 90s in just a few, quick, non-sewing steps!!

The back of the dress was completely full of buttons from the waist up to the neck, and there were those lovely sashes that are meant to tighten this puppy up.  I think I'm actually going to keep those intact :)

From behind!

Now, like I said above, this is going to be sew-less today!  First I unbuttoned all the buttons except for the one at the top of the dress.  After unbuttoning, I decided to turn the dress around and make this buttoned side the front of it.  Now, I put the dress on and made my new head hole the space between the waist and that top button.

The buttons on the back!!

The top button is acting as a minor halter and the waist has now come up a few inches turning the dress into a more empire-esque one.  Using those sashes, I tied a big bow in the back of the dress and was ready for the day!

Day 316 - After

I totally didn't realize that there were pockets until I was taking the pic above.  Loved it even more - it was perfect for my lip gloss and for toting my camera to brunch with my parents.

It was that hot out that the misters were actually on...


...however it didn't stop me from ordering a hot coffee.

Happy am pick-me-up!

Such a lovely Sunday - a little bit of sleeping in, a little omelet-ing with roasted red peppers, goat cheese, and spinach, mixed in with a little QT with the fam which included Rose Bowl flea marketing and football.

I totally had to make sure I sunscreened my back...

Keyhole in the back!

For a Irish gal like myself I've had my fair (pun intended!!) share of sunburned moments from not applying my Coppertone evenly.  We'll see how that pans out tomorrow...I may have a crescent moon on my back, and if I do, photographic evidence will be created and shared.