Day 317. 48 days and $50 left to go.

Today is a skirt-turned-dress kinda day!  That's right, I'm taking this cute, floral skirt and bringing it up a smidge :) Day 317 - Before

I love everything about the skirt - the floral panel is my fave, but I wanted to make it something that I'd actually wear. we come!

Now there was no real sizing issues, the only thing I'm going to be doing is adding some straps.  I don't want to cut the skirt up at all, so I found some mauve ribbon in my ribbon box, (yep, I have a box that's completely devoted to ribbon) and began to prep it to become new straps.  I began pinning the ribbon edges down to each of the four areas where my straps were going to be.

Pinned one new strap in place...

I took two long bits of ribbon, one for each strap...

Straps are all in place!

...which ended up looking like I had created a skirt with suspenders.

Woo hoo!!

The reason for this was that I wasn't going to make each strap fit to size.  I wanted to gather and tie bows right at my shoulders to fit the straps perfectly to my body.

I trimmed in half each of my long straps...

Ribbon trim!!

...and sewed each of the four edges to the skirt.

Final Stitches!

After the sewing was complete, I tied two bows at each shoulder, tossed on some wedges and rocked out my new dress!!

Day 317 - After

The flowers are popping even more now and it was just the thing to wear on day one of 80-degree week in Los Angeles.  It brought me cool-ly from day to night, from work to my dinner with my favorite MK.

We went to one of my staple Italian haunts, Little Dom's where two times out of three I run into Jon Hamm (he must live in the hood) and where on Monday night, their house bottle of wine is just $12.  Love that.

Viva la vino!!

Veni, vidi, vici - we came, we [did not] see [Jon Hamm], we ate.

At somebody else's table...

Just the way to start off the week - the only real way to have made it any better would have been a dose of Don Draper in the flesh.  That's alright, the odds are in my favor...the next two times should prove to be fruitful :)