Day 315. 50 days and $52 left to go.

This muumuu just screamed luau when I saw it.  It also said "drink a mai tai", "take a Hawaiian vacation", and "grab a hula skirt and start dancing"! Day 315 - Before

Unfortunately I was not going anywhere exotic, so I had to make my own little tropical party that was more franks heavy than roasted Kalua pig.

The sell of this piece was the amazing color palette...  It was like wearing Baskin Robbins' Rainbow Sherbet (my second favorite to Daiquiri Ice which BR finally brought back!! I'm literally addicted - anyone else on the crazily addicted boat with me?) on my dress all day...

The edible version of my muumuu!

First I began the removal process of the sleeves with my seam ripper.

Almost done...

Once both were removed...

Sleeves are gone!

...I got to pinning down the raw edges in the former sleeve area.

Prepped and pinned!

Once the sleeves were prepped, I cut a strip of fabric from the bottom of the muumuu (to use for a belt) and prepped the edges for a new hem.

Soon-to-be Sash!

Did a little sewing with my machine to complete the new ensemble, took the strip of fabric I trimmed from the bottom, tied it around my waist, and began to imagine that I was on the lovely big island of Kona (with my fam who actually lives there).

Day 315 - After

My dream had me kayaking (really watering some plants in the backyard), laying out on the beach (passing out on the couch and getting woken up by the rays of sun piercing through my closed eyes), and eating freshly caught Mahi Mahi (nibbling on turkey hot dogs and some KFC cole slaw that was caught from the drive-thru).

My dream did have me viewing a magical sunset which in actuality was the same one that I was experiencing.

Mmm...sunset :)

I will say this now, when I finally get to head to Hawaii, this dress is coming with.

Still just as festive as the night ends...