Day 314. 51 days and $53 left to go.

This was a fun one :)  We won't even talk about the lacy collar, but what about that black sweatshirty band around the waist?  It's kind of hard to see but it wasn't there to keep the top and the bottom together - it was just sewed on as an accent!  I'm actually going to keep that accent around too!  I'm slightly shocked because I definitely didn't think it was going to stay when I first found it... Day 314 - Before

Just in case you were wondering, that lace is pink - it's not just your eyes.

I even had my double take moment at first, but I think someone had tossed this dress in with the reds during a spin in their Kenmore at some point.  To me, it's no biggie because I'm taking it off!!

Remove that lace!

Took my seam ripper and began to get rid of the lace collar!

Almost gone!!

With the lace gone, this is already looking like a totally different garment!

New neck!!

I cut out some of the interior lining...

Trim the trim!

...followed by the skirt...

Trim the skirt!

...and the sleeves...

Trim the sleeves!

...took the leftover material and added it to my stash before prepping the edges for some sewing.


Took care of pinning down the raw edges and then took them over to my machine to make some new seams!

Prepped edges!

Totally comfortable, way less cutesy, and no more pink lace trim on my new top!  Paired with jeans and flips, it was just the thing for a casual Friday,

Day 314 - After

The only thing on my agenda tonight was to veg - after a late Thursday night and not as much slumber as I would have enjoyed, I had a date night with the couch, some MLB playoffs and my yoga leggings.

Veg time!

Glorious Friday night and cheers to those Atlanta Braves fans out there!  What a game!

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends :)