Day 313. 52 days and $54 left to go.

Today's dress was a doozy!!  An elastic edged muumuu?!  Can this be true?  Haven't come across one with such a fun neckline yet.  Ooh, and but of course the standard single pocket has returned. Day 313 - Before

I have a fun evening to plan for and this one is going to take me from day to night!

First thing I did was cut the dress short!!  I cut the length to hit me at my knees and then trimmed off about a little more from the excess material to use as a sash.


To be completely honest, I loved that neckline so much, I was going to keep it intact.  The only real work I had to do was to take it in.

Tighten up!

I brought the arms and the body in a bit to make it more fitted on me.  I didn't want sleeves that were too loose, and I definitely wanted a bit more shape.  Post sewing, I trimmed my piece...

Cut the excess!

...added some boots (my fave red ones that were totally an LF Stores sample sale find a few years back...), some vintage necklaces, and wore my cardi to make it work for my day at work :)

Day 313 - After

Once we clocked out, the dress magically transformed into this!!  (OK, maybe not magically transformed...all I did was take off my cardigan.)

Day 313 - After (post-work!)

There was a big night ahead as the Arcade Fire concert was on the agenda at the Shrine Auditorium which is across the street from my alma mater, USC.  (I love going down for little's always changing!)  My gals AR and AB drove down and clearly planned our dinner around the fact that it was oh, so close to the gloriousness that is...


My love for Chick-Fil-A (and Dunkin Donuts...) knows no boundaries.  Where were you when I was in school CFA??  We came.  We went.  We demolished.  Our next pre-show stop was for a quick cocktail at The Lab.  Hmmm, a gastropub with beers served in beakers?

La La Lab!!

Again, where were you when I was in school, The Lab??  We shuffled down the street and got to our seats for one of the most amazing shows I've been to in a while.

Le Sigh.

They ended the show with "Wake Up"  and the entire theater was singing, bouncing, and cheering along.

The night didn't just end there though...  My lovely fellow Libra RM celebrated his birthday tonight as well and a stop was made to show a little birthday love.

Happy Birthday!!

I'll expect the same on my birthday :)