Day 312. 53 days and $55 left to go.

Today was the third rainy day in a row here in Los Angeles.  On my agenda was making something that was going to go with a pair of flat boots - I weirdly dreamt about these fab Marc  by Marc Jacobs boots last night, but alas they were not the ones in my wardrobe that I ended up going with as they're not currently in (nor will be in the near future) my wardrobe. After skimming through the pieces I had to pick from, I went with this...

Day 312 - Before

I mean, the green on this?  Tiger Woods could have a whole 18 hole golf game on this green velour skirt...

Because I'm not looking for golfers to set up shop on my dress, I need to get rid of the length.  As soft and as comfortable this material was, I had to go short.  I cut about half the length off and am working with less PGA Tour and more mini golf now!!

Too much velour!

I prepped the bottom of the dress with some pins and got out my sewing machine to stitch down.


Because I didn't have a complete matching green color thread to use, I ended up going with a turquoise shade and it worked out perfectly!  Who would have thought??

Skirt, done!

After the bottom of the dress was completed, I moved along onto the top half.  From what it looked like in the beginning, it needed a little taking in.  From sleeve adjustment (I brought the sleeves in about an inch) to the body (this got another few inches taken in as well) this piece was going to be a bit more fitted.

Sleeve & body tweaking!!

I chose my chocolate brown boots (these were a find at Marshalls...) and paired it with my dad's 70s belt (that was handed over back in high school) and my black umbrella for the complete look.

Day 312 - After

We took a quick break outside to enjoy/marvel/get minorly damp in the rain...

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

...and then enjoyed it from the comfort of our office for the rest of the day.

Rear Window!

Clearly I had to do my own "Singing in the Rain" reenactment.

Singing in the Rain...Literally!

There was no real way to avoid :)