Day 311. 54 days and $56 left to go.

It was another rainy day here in Los Angeles!!  For the handful of times that we see rain each year, I was embracing it with open, long sleeve-wearing arms!  I love, love, love days like these, but after yesterday, I knew what to expect and I was going to be completely prepared. Day 311 - Before

And by prepared, I mean I'm a be wearing an ensemble that's along the lines of muumuu-converted-into-something-totally-not-muumuu-looking-anymore.

Couldn't be happier with these dark fall, burnt orange, marigold, beige, and blue...sign me up!!  I cut off about eight inches to turn this into a shorter piece.

Short Circuit!

This excess will most definitely be used's going to make an awesome head scarf that will rival those worn by the über chic Edie Beale.


I don't have the fur to match, but the scarf is spot on!  Baby steps...

Next I got the edging ready for a new hem.  Pins, check!!

Pinned hem!

I took care of the hem and began taking it in with the help of my sewing machine.  I went along the sleeves and all the way down the body to make it more fitted.

Machine time!

There was some one pocket action happening again, but I just snipped it off.  We went in about two inches on each side just to give the big, flowy muumuu a little more shape.

Later pocket!

Now before wearing the final product, this piece was going to be turned around!!  The back was going to become the new front -  long zippered front goes to the back - and fah-bulous gathered area that was only getting love from behind was going to be getting front row seats.

Day 311 - After

Just paired with some textured tights, my black rain boots (these puppies have a ridiculous wedge but they're not letting anything in, even after accidental puddle steps), and my umbrella, this dress was waterproof!!

Old front!

I still can't get enough of my new gathered front area...I totally love!!  Rainproof ensemble approved!!