Day 306. 59 days and $61 left to go.

I was completely drawn in to this one by the gorge fabric!!  The crepe-y material and the blend of my fave colors (turquoises, yellows, reds) was the sell.  Unfortunately it was a bit too big on me, so I had to make a couple of adjustments to make it work! Day 306 - Before

Um, first I did my usual shoulder pad removing... (PS, shoulder pad day is coming up soon!!!)

Red Pads!!

...because I couldn't leave these puppies hanging.

Removal: Success

I took out the red slip/lining next.  It was making the dress a bit bulky and it wasn't even see through, so I figured it wouldn't make a difference if it were there or not.

Took out the red lining!!

Next I needed to fit this, so I put the dress on inside out and pinned the areas that needed to be cut off and resewed.  I carefully took the dress off so I wouldn't get scratched by the pins and began sewing.

Bring it in!!

Once everything was stitched, I grabbed some scissors and just trimmed the excess fabric which was quick and easy.

Some trimming action!!

Now that it was fitting me, I threw on an elastic brown belt (a total Marshalls purchase a few years back), unbuttoned the top button to extend the neckline out closer to my shoulders, and added a strapless bra to the equation for my daily ensemble.  Had a little night at the Grove and stopped for a pic in front of the fountain that was moving along to the GLEE version of "Don't Stop Believin'"...

Dancy Fountain!!

I was loving the length as it hit me around my ankles and was digging the way the fabric swished with each step.  It was a total relaxing night getting to check out a screening of The Social Network.

Social Networking...

Sitting in an air conditioned theater for two hours, check.  Grubbing on some popcorn and Coke Zero, check.  Coming home to my Time Warner cable/internet taking a hiatus from working, priceless.  I mean I should have known that a virtually flawless night couldn't conclude without a small snafu of some sort.  Go figure right??