Day 305. 60 days and $62 left to go.

Some of you may be disappointed that I took a break from the muumuu today.  I know, I was cooling off a smidge (88 degrees!!) so I figured that I didn't have to go down that route today. Instead, I went with this...

Day 305 - Before

Total elasticky bodice and wrists which were not that comfortable.  After wearing it just for the before pic, I got an indentation on my wrist (kinda like the ones from wearing hair bands) from the tight elastic.  I had to get rid of the sleeves solely for the tightness factor!

Short sleeves!!

I snipped both arms and began working on the neck.  The frilly edge was not my cup of iced tea, so I began pinning it under to prep for some sewing.

Neck tweak!

After the frills were pinned, I began some work on the neck line.  I snipped about two and a half inches down the middle...

New neckline

...and folded under each side.

It's a V! Whoot whoot!!

I pinned down the V to prep, but got to the length before the sewing machine came out.

Martin Short!

After a trim and some hem prepping...

Prepping to hem!

...out came the machine.

Time to stitch...

Picture time came towards the end of the day when we left the office for a minute and hit Melrose Ave.

Day 305 - After

We were completely mesmerized by the sky and started to feel raindrops and hear thunder.  Let's just pause for a minute.  Less than 48 hours prior to this picture being taken, we were Slurpee-ing and wearing ice packs around our waist to cool us off.  (Yeah, no pic was taken of this hilarious occurrence but it was totally happening.)

It's like a volcano in the background!!

These early evening breezes were totally welcomed. We headed back to the office, stopped for a close up...

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

...and got a quick shot of the rainbow in the sky.

It looked more rainbowy in actuality!

I'm totally craving Lucky Charms now.