Day 307. 58 days and $60 left to go.

Another sundress for the day!!  It's still oh, so warm out so I had to find something that would fit in with these summer-esque temps!!  Plus easy, breezy, casual Fridays just scream sundress, right? I found this number at the pile sale for a buck and saw the potential in the red floral fabric frock.

Day 307 - Before

Look how cute the fabric is close up!!

So cute!!

Now it's time to make it fit!

I needed to take in the body so I tried it on, and grabbed about two inches on each side, made a mark and began sewing.

Taking it in!

Once it was taken in, I started to get to work on fixing the neck.  Did a little pinching...


...and pinned my new neck in place with the help of a safety pin!


I took the dress off, laid it out, and prepped to cut off the excess fabric that I sewed.

Post-cinch, post-sew!

I trimmed off two inches from the edge and then took the excess fabric to make a little accessory.

Getting ready to trim off this excess!

New dress is done!!  Paired with some gold sandals, I had my summer outfit set for October 1st.  Love this Indian Summer!!

Day 307 - After

And that excess fabric from above...I literally took it, wrapped it around my right strap and added a little extra bit of flair.

Up close bow action!!

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends :)