Day 304. 61 days and $63 left to go.

Remember yesterday when I wore a muumuu because it was so hot?!  Yeah, well we're going down that road again today!!  Yesterday's record breaking heat got me worried as 103 degrees was on the agenda for today and it was all about the easy breezy. Day 304 - Before

I totally loved the melon/fuchsia/yellow palette on the muum :) I even found a little present in the pocket after I took it out of the dryer.

And, from this position I forced it into the trash can...

Lovely, eh?

For today's I'm going to change it up just a smidge and that means getting rid of the sleeves!!  With my trusty seam rippers I began to get rid of that thread keeping the sleeves attached.

Unseam the sleeves!!

Got rid of one without a hitch...

Off with one!!

...and continued on the other side.

And to the next...

Once the sleeves were off, I had to go short once again.  As I was prepping this morning, I was sweating in my non-air conditioned apartment and knew that I had made the right decision!!

Short again...

After I did some length adjusting, I got out my sewing machine to clean up the arms and to tighten them up just a bit.


After completion, I quickly threw on my outfit for the day, tossed my hair up in a ponytail, added my sandals to the equation and took off for the workday.

Day 304 - After

I have to say that it wasn't as crazy hot as it was yesterday, but I did go through my moments where I felt like I might melt.  Luckily, strategically placed fans (ie. placed near the fridge for Dr. Pepper grabbage throughout the day) were enjoyed during my many trips away from my desk.  The perfect accompaniment to the air pumping through the vents above.

One of my many stops at the fan...

On my way home, I saw that the city was still trying to deal with the power ish...after blackouts yesterday, it seemed that my little West Hollywood hood was still working on managing without juice.

Blackout party in the streets!!

My place didn't get hit, so I celebrated a bit for the brie and leftover Chipotle that was spared in my fridge.  However my sauna, apartment, was too hot to eat either of those, so I just went to Jamba Juice.