Day 303. 62 days and $64 left to go.

OK, it's hot as hades in Los Angeles today friends!  Record breaking high temperatures hit 113 degrees - we're experiencing summer all in one day since June, July and August were super mild. That means today's outfit has to be loose, airy, and non-sweat inducing which pretty much gives you this...

Day 302 - Before

A muumuu!!!

I totally get why women wore muumuus - they're literally the most comfortable thing you can wear and today, wearing something comfy was a necessity!!

What I did first was cut the length because it was going to be short all the way!!

Get Shorty!

After a quick snip and mending of the raw edges, I was pretty much finito!!

I wanted it nice and loose so I didn't opt to tighten it up - I actually really liked the babydoll nature of the piece as I welcomed any breezes that were shot my way.  I actually loved the cap sleeves and took those hanging sashes and tied them into a bow.

This dress was the perfect thing to wear on y errands during some "cooling off" office breaks

First there was 7-11.

Day 302 - After

We took a quick jaunt down Melrose and did some cherry, coke, and root beer mixing of Slurpees.  We couldn't get them out of our heads and it was just the thing to assist in cooling off.

Later on, we also stopped at the liquor store at the corner for some treats.  No, not scotch (I watch Mad Men, I don't live it!!) but cool , creamy snacks from the freezer. They literally had any ice cream that you wanted!!  We went with a frozen banana bar, but I couldn't resist taking a pic with Ben & Jerry and Mr. Haagen Dazs.

Another stop on the cool train!!

Now, just a little note of warning...tomorrow is going to be equally as hot, so we'll probably be seeing another muumuu paired with some afternoon Slurpee-ing.  Just sayin.