Day 302. 63 days and $65 left to go.

Welcome to DAY 6 of… Back in the Day Week!!!

Today’s piece…

Day 302 - Before

The kid version…


It's the final day of Back in the Day week, so finding this nightgown (which I totally had the same version of in my childhood dresser) was going to be just the piece to close up shop with.

It's WAY too hot, so there will be some serious tweaks that we'll be doing before it's go time!

First is the length...

Cut that nightgown short!!

There was about seven inches that I trimmed off of the bottom...

No More Sleeves!!

...and then got to getting rid of the sleeves!!

Trim Time!

Once the top was trimmed, I sewed down raw edges and tightened it up to form the perfect strapless dress.

Restitch and adjust!

There was even a little hole...

Mini hole!

So, I created a little heart (from the excess fabric) to sew on top of it to hide!

Add a heart patch!!

Next, I sewed the heart down as a makeshift patch,  I trimmed a small slit in the dress right at the boobs for a sash to pull through.  This was going to be tied around my neck!

Trim a hole...

The finale...

Day 302 - After

Bam!  Super comfortable even though it's 100 degrees outside.  I loved the neck and that it was loose and movable.

From the back, it would be a fun dress to have an afternoon bbq in, but today it was errand ensemble heading to the pile sale, Target and Trader Joe's for some weekday grub!!

From the back!!

When looking at all these pics, it's funny how much my hair has darkened from the platinum it was when I was one.  I have to say, those kid sandals are amazing!!

On the stoop...