Day 301. 64 days and $66 left to go.

Welcome to DAY 5 of… Back in the Day Week!!!

Today’s piece…

Day 301 - Before

The kid version…

The Hills Are Alive....

I've had The Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl set in my calendar for months, and it was finding this dirndl and reminiscing of the real one that I owned as a kid that sparked the idea for "Kid Week"!  This was found mid-summer and held onto until tonight.  You know that I was going to get a little themey for the eve...I mean.

To make this a bit less costumey, I first got prepped to take off the sleeves of this dress.

Later Sleeves!

Grabbed my seam ripper and began rippin' stitches.

Tackling the first sleeve!!

I completely removed one from the dress...

One gone, one to go...

...and then got the other before cutting the bottom of the skirt off!  I wanted to go shorter, but I really wanted to remove these people who were edging the skirt's bottom.  They didn't mesh, especially with the eve ahead, so I had to remove.  Now if those people were little children who had music notes coming from their mouths or were in uniform, that would have been a completely different story!!

Goodbye little people!

I trimmed then pinned.

Pin the hem!!

Got out my sewing machine to re-hem and and to give the sleeves a non-raw edge.

Sew Time!!

I completed the dress, grabbed my partner in crime (my mom!!), and headed to my favorite place in Los Angeles over the summer...the Bowl!!

Sound of Music!!!

We got there at 6:30 to watch a costume parade of Maria's, Ray, a little drop of sun (this one won), kids with 16 and 17 on their shirts who jumped on each other's backs (16 going on 17...) and a bevy of nuns, people dressed to the lyrics of "My Favorite Things", and even some marionettes.  My favorite, the frog in Maria's pocket (a little kid dressed like a frog) didn't get any love, but totally won in my book!!

Day 301 - After

The show began and we got to singing!!

Sew, a needle pulling thread...

I even put together little scarves for our group viewing!

The Von Trapp's!

After the movie, it was home, quick change (from jeans into tights and boots), then jet over to the Thompson Hotel for some birthday festivities!

Happy Birthday MW!

Nothing says a good night more than double fisting some cupcakes...

Tastes so good when it hits your lips!!

Same dress, two different looks too!!  This beats "girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes" any day!!