Day 300. 65 days and $67 left to go.

Welcome to DAY 4 of… Back in the Day Week!!!

Today’s piece…

Day 300 - Before

The kid version…

Flutter Sleeves!!

When I found that gray robe at the pile sale for $1, I knew immediately that it was going to make for the perfect redo.

Since it came belt less, I snipped off both belt loops that fell by my hips.  I'm going to work out a new belt situation, but I'm definitely not going to go that low.


I cut off about a foot of fabric from the bottom of the robe...

Robe is going short!

...and then trimmed myself a strip of the excess.  This was going to be my new belt!

New belt!

After the length was tweaked, I went to taking in my sleeves and also stitched under the gray trim that was edging the robe.  I'm making this into a wrap top so instead of cutting the trim off, I just folded it under and sewed!

Bringing in the sleeves!

Now to recreate those hearts, I took some excess fabric I had and trimmed away.  Folded fabric in half and cut a longish C from it.  I unfolded the fabric and voila, insta-heart!

Heart shaped fabric!!

I did the same with some white fabric and pinned the two hearts in place before hand stitching them in place.

Two of Hearts!

Once my top was complete, I threw on my comfy jeans (I mean it is casual Friday!!) and my sandals and literally had something that I may or may not just sleep in tonight!!

Day 300 - After

Such an easy tweak if you've got an old robe that's ready to be tossed.  You can make it totally wearable without anyone really having a clue that it came from Nordstrom (that's where mine came from...)


I loved those hearts, especially the satin ones because they were the shiniest.  Of course, I'm going with the shiniest one.

It's a Wrap!!

My top garnered comments at the office and  it was as if I rolled into work wearing pajamas.  Cozy and comfy...the perfect way to ring in the weekend!!

TGIF!  Happy weekend friends :)