Day 299. 66 days and $68 left to go.

Welcome to DAY 3 of… Back in the Day Week!!!

Today’s piece…

Day 299 - Before

The kid version…

Flower Girl Marisa!!

Now the inspiration for today came from the flower girl dress that my mom made for Aunt P & Uncle S's wedding.  Big puffy sleeves, cotton floral fabric, pink palette...this pink, satiny frock that I found just screamed 80s wedding, so I thought it would be a perfect choice for the day.  As it was, this dress was not going anywhere!

I first cut the dress in half.

Cuttting in half!!

Once I had it into two pieces, I took the bottom to get cracking on.  The top part is going bye-bye!!

I snipped a little slit in the fabric and began folding under the excess and pinning it down.

Tweaking the edges!!

Next came trimming off the sleeves from the top part.  We'll get to these in a few steps...

Using those sleeves!

I took the bottom part of the skirt and began sewing down a new seam on the top of it.  I lifted the ruffle and sewed underneath it so no stitches could be seen!

Sewing the new seam!

Now to those sleeves!!  After they were trimmed off from the rest, I cut a few two inch section strips off of each and sewed the edges closed to make a few things...first off a strap to keep my dress up!!  Second, a sash to be used around my waist.  It's gonna stay a dress, but it's gonna look way different!

Sew & Trim!

I took the first piece and pinned it from the front to the back right around my collar bone...

One strap!!

...and then took the other three, sewed the edges together to make a longer piece, and tied it around my waist.  Insta-sash!!  My dress was lookin' way less 80s and to be honest it could have totally worked as a dress to wear to a daytime wedding.

Day 299 - After

Instead I wore it to the parking structure.  Classy, right?

From the back!!

I loved the way this turned out - it was dainty, summery, and frilly...three of my favorite pre-req's for the perfect dress.

Now I adored the handmade one my mom made...

Me and Aunt P!!

...but I'm loving the 30 year old version!!

The tail, tail, tail, end of the sunset...

The only thing missing from my night was a little dancing.  That's alright - I wasn't really looking to work up too much of a sweat...

Dancing Break!!

...I think my face is still cooling off from the rug that I clearly tore up at the reception 24 years ago!!