Day 298. 67 days and $69 left to go.

Welcome to DAY 2 of… Back in the Day Week!!!

Today’s piece…

Day 298 - Before

The kid version…

I loved my accessories...

I loved the pattens on both of the dresses and I thought the pink one I found totally had the essence of the seven year old version.  It was fun, but it was very, very frilly!  Wasn't into all of it around my neck so there's going to be some changin' going on!!

Before we do anything, here's a shot from the back.

From the back!

There was a slight V with some criss cross, you don't stop, action that I was hesitant about.  After trying the dress on and thinking about cutting off the ruffles, my aha moment arose!!  I'm going to turn the dress around and wear the back in the front and the front in the back!!

To do that, we're going to have to get rid of these little criss crossy straps.  I grabbed my scissors and got cutting.

Trim the back straps!!

After trimmng them both off, my second aha moment came to me.  Instead of cutting the ruffles off, I began twisting them...

Twist the ruffles!

...and secured them with those straps that I cut off by tying them in a knot!

Ties around the straps!!

Once the new straps were created, I got my seam ripper out and took off the tag.  Wearing the back as the front, I didn't want any tag slippage.  I know how often my tag pops up by my neck so I wanted to get rid of it completely.

Seam ripping the tag!!

This dress was virtually complete with just a few very quick and easy steps!

Twisted and Tied!!

I put on my backwards dress and tied a white sash around my waist.  It felt so summery, which was fabulous, even though the temp was around 69 degrees all day.  I had my sweatshirt at hand to zip on and take off with my fluctuating temperature.

Day 298 - Before

The easy switcheroo made this dress so fabulous.  I didn't mind all the ruffles too much from the back, that's for sure!

Front as the Back!

Now I've been posing a lot this past year, but it all makes sense now because it looks like I had been practicing for years.

Total Poser!

Rockin the bun, rockin the pink plastic bangles, rockin the jellies...nothing's changed :)

Continuing the posing...