Day 297. 68 days and $70 left to go.

I know we're supposed to be on Day 2 of Back in the Day week, but we're taking a slight hiatus from it today.  I can now talk about my secret trip to NY where I shot an episode of The Nate Berkus Show because it aired today!!  I felt that it would be fitting to use the dress that I created for the show as my piece on this Day 297, so we'll see Lil' Marisa back in action tomorrow.  There may or may not be jellies involved on my feet, just sayin... Day 297 - Before

For the show, I was given a "no white, black, red, or patterns" rule which blocked out lots of my pieces, until I came across this lovely bluish grey number.  I adored the ruffles at the neck and how the piece just flowed but wasn't into the sleeves or the bottom of the dress.

Because the segment was geared around not having to use a sewing machine and making things work with what you have and what you feel comfortable doing, there was no sewing involved at all on this piece!!  (That was another reason that I went with this dress because it didn't involve having to use a machine at all!)

From my hotel room in NY (I love saying that!!) I trimmed off both sleeves with my scissors around my elbows.

Short sleeves!!

With the length of the sleeves gone, it was time to handle the overall length of the dress!

Goin short!

I trimmed off about nine inches including the ruffle at the bottom - it felt too heavy down there, so I wanted to lighten it up.

Skirt's gonna hit my knees!!

Picked up some mailing tape from CVS and made some quick sticky-seams on my sleeves.


From that excess fabric, I trimmed off a panel that was going to work as a belt to tie around my waist and that was pretty much it!

Use that excess fabric!!

Now, I couldn't be in a fabulous suite in NY without having a little Pretty Woman action of my own.

Reg Bev Wil?

Yes I put on a robe.  Yes I jumped on the bed.  Yes I acted like a seven year old version of myself!! (OK, there's a little bit of Kid Week for you!!)

All that jumping wore me out and right before I passed out, this came on...


Little sign, yes?

I woke up, got dressed, and made a few last minute tweaks to the ensemble...

Little morning prep!!

...right before I got whisked away to the studio and to my dressing room!

My dressing room...

I did a little steaming to the dress to get out the wrinkles...

Quick Steam!

...right before I got my hair did!!  And by did, I mean teased!!

Such a tease!!

I got to hang with the lovely and amazing girls who were wearing my pieces...

Gorge girls!!

...and even got down to do some last minute prep on the girls,

Trimming that edge!!

while getting some final touch ups on myself!

Hair and Make Up Ready!!

After the segment was shot and before I changed out of my show clothes, I had to take my after pic...

Day 297 - After

I mean, seriously?!?!

You know I took this home with me...

And my pic from Day 269 that was posted looking like this...

Day 269 - After

...was really shot looking like this!!  Surprise!!


So, there's all the stuff I was keeping a secret for a bit.  (PS, I'm like Fort Knox - need a secret saved?? You know where to go!!)  I got to celebrate tonight and got to finally re-wear the outfit from the episode that I had been saving with some of my favorite people as JS and RS hosted a little gathering at their casa.

My Girls!!

I didn't peek online and held off watching the episode for the first time until the little soiree this evening so I could do it with all my favorite people including my amazing parents.

Cheersing with my parents!

I was stoked just reading the info page to the episode!!

I actually love you right now, Time Warner!!

We turned it on and JS got some fun candids as we were all watching.

I think I'm still in shock!

And just in case you didn't catch it...

Nothing like sharing a moment like this with the people you love!!


And, clearly I had to take a pic reenacting what was actually going on...


Just want to thank you all for your amazing support!!  The kind words, well wishes and just awesome comments are simply incredible.  I'm really a lucky girl to have you on this journey with me!!  xx Marisa