Day 296. 69 days and $71 left to go.

So at the end of yesterday's post I teased that a little theme week action was coming up.  I got a few of you mentioning sports week, which I am totally into, but alas that was not correct. Welcome to DAY 1 of...

Back in the Day Week!!!

That's right, we're taking a little trip back to my youth where I had some ridiculous and fabulous outfits that I thought would be fun to revisit.  Thanks to some old video watching that got the wheels turning, BACK IN THE DAY WEEK has arrived!!

I'm not going to be wearing a Jordache sweatshirt like above, (PS, if I ever find one of those at a garage sale, it's all mine!!) but using some fun pics of my youth to inspire outfits for the week.

Today's piece...

Day 296 - Before

The kid version...

1984 - Cabbage Patch Kid-Lovin' Cousins

I don't tend to do yellow all that often as an adult, but I thought that it would be fun to work it out for the day!!

There was lots of lace on this, so I was going to do a little bit of toning down while taking it in a smidge too.  First came the sleeves.  I cut them in half to make them shorter than the wrist-ish length it was when I got it!


I cut both sleeves...

Short sleeves!!

...and then took apart the pieces from the leftovers.  I used my seam ripper to remove the lace from the fabric which was going to be moved to a new location on my dress.

Excess Sleeve Operation!!

Before the lace gets readjusted, I wasn't that happy with the neckline so I wanted to make a little change.  I took my scissors and did a little bit of trimming.

Neck Work!!

I cut down each side of the faux button panel about three inches.  The buttons were sewed down to the dress itself - oh you sneaky nightgown-y/dress manufacturer - and I wanted a little bit of breathing room.  I cut out two buttons worth of fabric on the center panel and began to add more lace that I took from the sleeves under the bit of lace that was already on the dress.

Frilly Neck!

Did this on both sides, pinned down the lace and then pinned down the edges of my new short sleeves.

Pinned Sleeves!

I threaded my sewing machine and tacked down the new panels of lace.  I got the edges of the sleeves fixed and took in the dress just a bit in my chestal area.

Sewing down!!

The shift-y nature of the dress was maintained and I had a fun piece to start the week off with!!

Day 296 - After

My kid version was totally a Grandma-lovin' dress as I got a pic with both my Mimi...


...and my Grandma.  These pictures always make me smile!!

Grandma & Audrey, my CPK

Total side note...this won't be the last Cabbage Patch Kid you'll see this week, I promise!!