Day 289. 76 days and $78 left to go.

I'm going with a little black and white, a little striping, and a little scattered polka dotting today! Day 289 - Before

I adored the pleating on the skirt, especially how the stripes of solid black and polka-dotted fabric went along with the folds, but I wanted to give the top a little more shape, so I got to taking off the sleeves first.


I took off the left arm and the right arm and was left with this.


Woo hoo for sleeveless!!  The only other adjustment I needed to do was taking it in just a bit.  I took in about two inches on each side and it fit like a glove!

Day 289 - After

Paired with some Michael Kors wedges snagged on eBay last year, I had my ensemble for the day.  I loved the way it fit and that the skirt part of the dress hit me at my hips.

Slightly closer up...

After my day in my dress, I came home, threw on some pj's and got to cooking.  And when I say cooking I mean this.

Literally the best thing ever!!

I'm a mac & cheese gal and I swear by these Trader Joe's white cheddar shells! But, it didn't end there...I was on a bacon kick still from yesterday (cue chocolate covered bacon), so I went to my pack of turkey bacon in the fridge, cooked up a few strips and threw them in along with some peas.

Guiltless Carbonara!

Insta-pasta!  It was not only quick but healthy-ish, and delish too!  Perfect way to ring in the week and the new season of Gossip Girl. Pasta is the guiltless pleasure.  GG is the guilty one.

Aaaahhh the wardrobe of S & B...