Day 290. 75 days and $77 left to go.

The weather has been so glorious out that I have to keep up the sundress for as long as I possibly can. (Cue angel voice ahh-ing here.) This one was a winner...

Day 290 - Before

A house dress for sure, pretty silky-ish fabric. but the best part was this...

It's sewed shut!!

The button neckline was sans buttons and was sewed together!!  I guess that's one way to tackle the fact that there are no buttons!! Not sure if I'm going to replace them at all, but I'm definitely not going to stay stitched up.

I first began by taking the dress in on each side a few inches to give it a bit more shape.  Because there's no zipper, I couldn't make it as fitted as I would have liked, however we'll take care of that soon.

Taking it in!!

The neckline came next and I grabbed my seam rippers and unstitched about three inches (and two button holes) to open it up a bit.  Not going to add buttons and am just going to keep the rest of it stitched too!

Unstitching the stitches!

Now to really bring it in at the waist, I decided that I was going to use a little assistance.  I actually did this when it was on me, however for photo purposes it was easier doing it in my hands.

I gathered a bit of the fabric like an accordion around the small of my back, took a vintage brooch from my collection, and pinned it.

A little extra cinch!

This was going to take care of the extra bit of looseness that the dress had.

Heart the vintage pin!

My final outfit for the day...

Day 290 - After

Loved my new dress!! Paired with some flat brown boots, my dress was just the thing to wear on this summer-esque day!!

For a little close up, this is what the back turned out like with the help of my golden accessory.

Extra cinching

House dress-turned-business casual work gear?!  Love it. I only had my ivory cardi on once this morning, then it was mild cap sleeve from the dress for the rest of the day to enjoy the warmth.