Day 288. 77 days and $79 left to go.

Hello long-sleeved, long length'ed, high-necked dress!!  Definitely some Little House on the Prairie business happening today for sure! Day 288 - Before

I had a little birthday brunch to attend and I definitely couldn't leave my house looking like this!

I grabbed my scissors and got chopping!

This won't be hitting my ankles anymore...

Now that the length was tweaked, I got to chopping off the sleeves...


...and the top of the dress...

Mock neck-less!!

...because I'm going all the way strapless!!  Everything got trimmed but there was some pinning to be done before the sewing machine made an appearance.

Here we go!

We just got pinned...

Pinned and Prepped!!

...and now we're getting sewing!  I took care of the top of the dress and got a new hem taken care of.

Going strapless and hemming!

All in a morning's on my new dress and headed over to the Smoke House to celebrate the birthin' of my pal JMT!!

Day 288 - After

Let's just say we got there at 10:30 and stayed until close to 3.

Cheers to JMT!!

They had a fabu omelet station, crab legs for the grabbing,  crepes made on the fly doused with Grand Marnier for some flame action, and the below...

Fountain of Dreams!!

I mean.  You really can't go wrong with chocolate fountains.  Ever.  We covered strawberries, marshmallows, rice krispie treats, and even...wait for it...BACON!!


I know, I know...don't hate until you try it!  I think I may have mentioned it before, but I took a page from the saliva inducing Vosges Chocolate who brought the bacon/chocolate combo into my vernacular (my mother tongue...pun intended)!

We cheersed, caught up, grubbed and ended it with a little celebration, World Cup style!!

I stole the bday gift!!

Vuvuzela has returned!!  JMT received this legit South Africa-purchased vuvu for the bday and I couldn't resist.