Day 287. 78 days and $80 left to go.

It's Saturday! Sun is out, college football has arrived, you couldn't put a bigger smile on my face if you tried :) My dress for today had a mix of pleats and ruffles.  I loved the print of the fabric too - I really liked the flowery business going on, but that ruffle at the bottom was trouble.

Day 287 - Before

It was taking care of business my seam ripper and began detaching the ruffle at the bottom.

Goodbye trim!

The trim that I was left with could have made a bed skirt.  We'll bring it back somewhere though, just wait.

Two pieces!!

So, before I was ready to wear this, I got out my machine and took it in.  I brought in the sleeves and took in about three inches on each side.

Bringing it in...

Because the neck was collared and had a deep V, there were no buttons and after taking it in, it opened a bit more in front.  Couldn't really get away with wearing it as it was, so I paired it with a black cami underneath and added a belt to break up the pattern a little.

Day 287 - After

Not completely the same but after scoping Anthropologie's site (like you do...) I found this dress that had similar aesthetics.  The collar, the pleats, the V...

Heart Anthropologie's Version

I was very happy with my outcome.

ECU! (Extreme Close Up!!)

Perfect dress to enjoy the sun, the footy, and a little reflection this September 11th.