Day 282. 83 days and $84 left to go.

Stars and stripes forever?? Kind of with today's piece... Day 282 - Before

This was one of the goodies I snagged at the Goodwill Outlet in Queens when I was just in NY. It was priced per pound and actually weighed less that one lb, so I'm just going to round-up to an easy $1.

It was a dress, but it fit really strange. It was big on top and then came together at the knees, but it just looked too awkward. I am going the top route to get rid of the tightness at the knees.

Cutting it short!!

I trimmed off the bottom of the dress first - already I was happy with this first, big step!

Next I wanted to give the neckline a little extra vavoom, so I began turning it into a V. I trimmed a slit down the center of the top, pinned the edges under...

V time!!

...and sewed them into place!

I next wanted to take off the long sleeves. It was warm out and I didn't really want to look just like my friend...

Where are you Waldo??

I took my seam rippers and began taking the sleeves off at the seam.

Taking off the sleeves!

Now that I was without the long sleeves and going for more of a cap look, I took in the top a few inches...


...paired it with jeans and a belt and had an outfit perfect for some vegging.

Vegging or ice cream cone-ing...whatever tickles your fancy.

Day 282 - After

Sugar cones with cappuccino chunk froyo?? Sign me up... I think that I was in sugar overload as I passed out on the couch just minutes later.


Didn't get to catch the last few minutes of the Boise State/Virginia Tech game due to my slight narcolepsy. Thanks to my kind and adoring sibling for taking the shot of me in action. Just lovely waking up to a flash in your face.