Day 283. 82 days and $83 left to go.

I absolutely loved the color of this dress!!  I was totally brought in by the greenish shade when I first found this puppy!! Day 283 - Before

What I did first was take the dress in.  It was open too much at the top that I really wanted to make it fitted on me.

Tightening Up!!

I got out my sewing machine and got to work!

Taking in!

Now that it was fitted in my chestal area, I wanted to change up the straps.  I began by undoing the seams that kept the straps in place on my back by my shoulders.

Strap Tweaking!!

With these undone, they're going work perfectly as halter straps!!  I tied the straps together at my neck, added a white sash around my waist and prepped some sweet potato casserole to bring over to cooking club.

Day 283 - Before

It was Southern themed tonight...we gathered up at JS's and brought our dishes.

The Eats!!

The dress definitely had an apron-y look to it which made it totally work as I served plates of some delish blackberry and peach cobbler.

From the back...

Our dinners are clearly about the food, however they always turn out to being more about the catching up.  So nice to do that this eve.  Girl talk really is the best :)  I'm already looking forward to next month's already!