Day 281. 84 days and $85 left togo.

Los Angeles is in the middle of some serious warmth this weekend, probably to make up for the lack of it this past June, July and August. If Labor Day is all about saying goodbye to summer, this is the best way to do it. Gimme some rays. Gimme some sun. Loving this hot. Hot. Heat!! Day 281 - Before

This muumuu was just the piece that was going to get me feeling cool while still channeling the summer at an afternoon BBQ.

Clearly we're not going to attend looking as is, so let's get to fixing it!

Can't do sleeves, so we're going to take them off!!

Early stages of total detachment!

Out came the seam ripper and stitches were getting undone! Off with the sleeves!!

One almost down, one to go!!

I wanted to go short, so I trimmed off a good foot of material from the bottom of the muumuu.

Length trim!

Now we're really going places!! My new dress was sleeveless and shorter and getting closer to a wearable end point!!


I got out my sewing machine to create new seams around the arm holes which now had no sleeves attached.

Fixing Sleeves!!

I trimmed an extra bit of fabric (about two inches from the bottom)...

One last trim!

...which I'm going to be tying around the back of the dress.

View from behind...

I cut the material so there was two ends, gathered the material, and tied a bow in the back.

Bow time!!

My dress was now complete for the day!!

Day 281 - After

It was just the thing to wear on this warm and lovely Sunday afternoon at the S's.

From the back!!

The back of the dress was my favorite part and even as it got later on into the evening and began to cool down, I tried my best to go without my cardigan cover up. Ooh, the price we pay (and warmth we feel) for fashion :)

Master of the grill RS was wheeling and dealing an assortment of divine and delicious meats throughout the day.

RS and his grill!!

I mean, get a load of this pork that had been simmering for over 12 hours.


I've never tasted a pulled pork sandwich that was this amazing outside of Charlotte, NC.

We ate. We sat. We cleaned...

Clean Up Time...

We couldn't hit the dessert table just quite yet, so we did a little bottle gathering and dishwasher filling to work up an appetite.

After a little tidying up, we pulled out the desserts to find that the apple pie had a visitor already. A small finger scoop of this delish treat was what we found missing and everyone was mum about who did it. In a group of 20 people, everyone had poker faces.

Pie Bandit!!

My guess is Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the kitchen.