Day 280. 85 days and $86 left to go.

It was a super hot day so I was really looking for something to stay cool in.  Wasn't sure if I wanted a dress or just a top, but I thought this lavender-y, crepe number would do just the trick. Day 180 - Before

It was light and airy which I thought was great.  Loved the color, but wasn't crazy about the fit or the top of the dress.  My mind started racing and I came up with a fun idea that was going to bear a lovely, cool top.

But, parting with these was first on the agenda.

Not happening!

I got rid of both shoulder pads in no time!!

There they go!

In getting to the coolest place possible so my sweat-o-meter wasn't crazily off the charts, I decided to cut off the shoulders on both sides.

There they go!

I trimmed off one and then easily tweaked the other.

Shoulderless time!

I had a little halter-esque project going on, just that my back wasn't going to be exposed.

Shoulder Exposé

I pinned down the raw edges on both sides, cut off the length of the dress...

Shorten up!

...and stitched everything into place.

Sew it down!

Paired with some jeans, a vintage hanging locket and Havaianas on my feet, I enjoyed the warm weather and made an evening trip to the movies.

Day 280 - After

Fun night to go check out Going the Distance where I immediately fell in love with Drew Barrymore's wardrobe - fun and casual (lots of stripes and deep backed T-shirts)...

Love the outfit! Love the pretzels!

...with some scattered sequined/beaded pieces that I salivated over.

Loved what she wore to her London premiere...


Because I did leave the arm holes larger (when I toyed around with the idea of adjusting, it tightened the top a smidge too much and lost a bit of the drapey/flowy element) I threw on my olive tank underneath which kind of matched DB above...

Fab undergarment!

Let the weekend continue!!