Day 279. 86 days and $87 left togo.

It's Friday, it's the beginning of a long weekend and I'm kicking it off with a little Earth, Wind & Fire action with the gang!! I'm an air sign, so I decided to go with the elements and chose a little blue. Day 279 - Before

This fabric is a great ruched material which I loved, not to mention the sleeves, but there was this weird black lining inside of the piece which was slightly cumbersome.

The lining!!

That was going to get tackled, but my issue, first and foremost, was the length of the dress in general. I didn't like the bottom so I thought the best first step would be to remove it.

Beginning to detach!

Grabbed my seam ripper and started to rip it apart. In no time my piece was now pieces.

Woo hoo it's now in two!!Woo hoo it's now in two!!

Now I love wearing eyeliner. but the liner on this puppy had to go. Grabbed some scissors and started snipping away.

Later liner!

I trimmed around all the edges and the black material was gone!! Woo hoo!!

That liner is almost gone!

I wanted to keep it loose on me, but right now it was still a tad too large. I pinned the new top in the areas that I wanted to stich...

PIn to take in!

...and I got to taking it in.

Taking in!

After a few minutes under the needle, we tightened up perfectly.


New top for a night under the "I can count them on my two hands" LA stars!!

Day 279 - After

Let me tell you...we were dancing and slimming all night with the rest of the packed crowd as EWF opened with "Shining Star" and went down the line of other favorites. Our neighbor behind us shot this pic - what you should have seen was the Hollywood Bowl bandshell and fireworks, but all we got was this...

We were in front of the fireworks, but all you can see is tush...


"Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders While chasing the clouds away" the fireworks went off in unison to the music in the skies.

Earth, Wind, & Fireworks!

Way to kick off the weekend with awesome friends, fun fun music, and "dancing in September..."

Team EWF!

TGIF! Happy Labor Day weekend friends :)