Day 278. 87 days and $88 left togo.

Today's dress began as a zip front nightgown!! Before - Day 278

I would have passed over this piece but I ended up taking it mostly because of the below...


I loved the embroidery (and the color in general) so I threw it in my bag of gear I found at the pile sale for a buck!!

I wanted to take this down the top road, so I had to get rid of the zipper.

Unzip and Pin!

I unzipped the top and pinned it together as this is where I was going to actually stitch the two halves in place.

Stitching down!

After stitching this down, I cut out the zipper!!

Giddint rid of the zipper

After the zipper was out, I cut the nightgown short, cut a strip of fabric from the excess that was going to work as my belt...

Cutting it short!

...and cut the sleeves so that they were shorter.

I headed back to my sewing machine to take in the new top a few inches as well to make it a bit more fitted.

More sewing!!

Belted, paired with a headband, and worn with some jeans my new top was less for sleepytime and more for hanging time and watching football time!

Day 278 - After

Got to see my fab gal JM...

We like posing for the cameras...

...while I watched my team (USC) beat Hawaii on their first game this season.


I know we're without a bowl game these next two years because of some shady activity by some folks...

Argh Reggie Bush!!

...but I'm not saying any names, Reggie Bush. I'll still root just as hard. And you can make sure that I'll have some themed gear to accompany games over the next few months as well :)