Day 277. 88 days and $89 left togo.

I'm going for an Indigo Girls kind of look today...well less on the band vibe and more specifically on the color to be honest. Day 277 - Before

This dress had these awesome buttons at the neck and pockets (!!!), however the sleeves were some of those fitted at the wrists/baggy by the arm pits kind. The dress was gathered with elastic at the waist, giving a baggier look here, so I wanted to contrast that with something that was going to be a bit more fitted on my chest.

First thing's first though...later pads!!


In fixing the top of the dress, I'm going to go the strapless route. Before we get there, I'm taking both of the sleeves off!

Seam ripping sleeves!

Using my seam ripper, I began unstitching both sleeves around the armpits. I got one off without a hitch...

Sleeves are off!

...and the other one followed.

They're both off!

In prepping the top for the straplessness that was around the corner, I took off the top six buttons with my seam ripper and then cut a straight line across the top of the dress that hit where the fourth button was just removed.

Buttons off...

I folded the raw edges under to prep for a new seam and sewed up the sides where the sleeves were removed to close up shop.

I paired my new dress with some of my eBay gold and purple baubles, a lavender belt, and my black Michael Kors kicks (another eBay find a year ago) for my night that included a little hang out action with some friends at La Vida...

Day 277 - After

I ran into the awesome/fab/insanely talented Lauren, Billy and Chike who are A, still rehearsal-ing before the SYTYCD tour starts up in a few weeks and B, making me want to go take a dance class asap because bopping to Cee Lo and Kanye tonight just wasn't enough...

Just a little hanging with my friends...

...before taking some iPhone pics with my favorite @nyquil32.

iPhone shot!!

Awesome way to ring in September!! Humpday hang nights rule!